what are different types of test cases?.

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what are different types of test cases?. ..

Answer / abdul.sameer

I have read all the above types of test cases and here is my
answer according to my knowledge

1. integration test case
2.Functional Test case
3.Non-Functional Test cases( which include security,
performance and usability)
4.User Acceptance Test cases( end to end scenario).

Validation test case:- Here all the above stated techniques
of test cases fall under validation test cases itself, there
is no seperate test case for validation, when we execute all
the above test cases we can conclude we have done the entire
validation too.

Verificatin test cases:- after writing the entire test cases
there will be some dedicated people who review these test
cases to check whether these test cases written according to
the requirements or not, in such a case it is called
verification test case and when we are executing those test
cases it is called validation test cases.

In a simple way expected results are verification and
actual results are validation.

Integration test case:- here we execute test cases which
just tells about the connectivity from one module to other
module and integrating one application to other application
and how the application moves from parent node to child node
and vice versa.

Functional Test case:- Here we execute test cases which
tells about the functionality of the application and talks
about the desired output to be seen. internally we have
different type of test cases when we write here like range,
output values , BVA, ECP and so on. We give input and expect
some output according to the SRS.Here we check individual
module completely by checking each and every tab , text box,
buttons and so on.

Non-Functional Test case:- Test cases related to User
friendliness like font, image, color, how easy to navigate
etc, performance related, security related comes under here.

User Acceptance test case:- These test cases are cruical and
very important to client side people, because these test
case talks about there business and approach of the
application to complete a particular client task. which is
also called as End-End- Business scenario test case. Here we
won;t be doing testing related to UI, Functional or
Non-Functional, we talk about business and scenario which
the application is made for.

This might give you a small ideas for your question. If you
feel this is right do respond to me and if you feel a change
in it also do respond to me stating your contradiction to
it.. which will be helpful to me also.

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what are different types of test cases?. ..

Answer / pradeep

I would broadly classify test Cases into 3 categories:
1. Positive test case - system is doing what it suppose to
2. Negative Test Case - system is not doing what is it
suppose not to do
3. Destructive Test Case - trying to break the system and
see if it get effected

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what are different types of test cases?. ..

Answer / rajendra prasad reddy penumall

1.Functionality Test Cases
2.User Interface Test Cases
3.Performence Test Cases
4.Integration Test Cases
5.Usability Test cases
6.Database Testing Test Cases
7.Security Test Cases
8.User Acceptence Test cases
9.Unit test cases....................etc
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what are different types of test cases?. ..

Answer / ramakrishna

three types

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what are different types of test cases?. ..

Answer / bhanu

1.user interface
7.database testing
9.user acceptence
13.destructive etc.....

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what are different types of test cases?. ..

Answer / mike patrick

Positive and Negative Testcases.

Positive Testcase: System is doing what it suppose to do,
it's called positive Testcase.

Negative: System is not doing what it shouldn't suppose to
do that, it's called negative Testcase.

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what are different types of test cases?. ..

Answer / dele

Google the meaning of test cases and that will give a clear
understand of types of test cases.

+ positive
Destricative Test case

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what are different types of test cases?. ..

Answer / sadiq

I do agree what Abdul.Sameer has explained. He has explained
very clearly about different stages of test cases.
This should be the best answer I got till now.

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what are different types of test cases?. ..

Answer / ch. khurram

1. functional test case
2. performance test case
3. security test case
4. integration test case
5. positive test case
6. negative test case
7. database test case
8. usability test case
9. GUI test case
10.validation test case
11.destructive test case
12.system test case
13.boundary test case
14.user interface test case
15.non functional test case
16.smoke test case
17.compatibility test case
18.aceptance/user aceptance test case
19. unit test case

All i came to know are above type please categorise if
someone can...thanks for your time

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what are different types of test cases?. ..

Answer / ram mohan reddy

Test Cases are divided into two types

1.GUI Test cases
2.Functional Teat cases

Again Functional Teat cases are divided into two parts

1.Positive Test case
2.Negative Test case

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