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How can we debug a loadrunner script?

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what is the LOAD RUNNER tester daily process in office (real time)? real timers explain this clearly?thanku in advance

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What is the advantage of using loadrunner?

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1.What is the difference between Performance Test Strategy doc and Test plan. 2.why it is recommended to use web http and html Protocol over web click and script whats' the major differences

2 Answers   TCS,

Which protocols are supported by loadrunner?

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What is the difference between hits/second and requests/second?

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What is SoketLevelData? And Its purpose?

2 Answers   HP,

i am looking software testing job in Loadrunner?Plz any one help me a Project ? mail me i thank full to u.(chandana)

15 Answers   TCS,

What function is used for Encryption and Decryption in your Script?

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What are the element in the loadrunner controller?

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If you want to stop the execution of your script on error, how do you do that?

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What are the major challenges u faced in performance testing ?

1 Answers   TCS, UHG,

What is threshold time in load runner

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