why communication skills are necessary?

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why communication skills are necessary?..

Answer / guest

In any field communication skills are necessary.without any
communication skills no one can't handle his coustmer.

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why communication skills are necessary?..

Answer / syed alfatah manzoor

First of all it is obvious that in the industry there is the
survival of the fittest.The word fittest first includes the
skill called communication skill.Communication skill is like
the first thing we must have totall control and confidence
on to have a perfect start either in public or a private
sector.It is the only thing through which we can make our
people understand us in a more and more better way and if
peoples understands us better the will surely come front for
us if they like our thinking and interests for them.Thereby
if you really have any fantastic plan and you aren't able
you make it clear by your words to peoples,they will surely
deny of you.It is a universal truth that success cant be
gained just on your own,you have to make others believe on
your work and so you can only make them believe by making
them understand,see and know what you are and what you want
to do.So we can say that communication skill is really
necessary for a healthy outcome of your work and potential..

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why communication skills are necessary?..

Answer / ishant

communication skill is very important in customwer care
executive beacoase i have no communications skills. i cannot
handle the irritate customer ...

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why communication skills are necessary?..

Answer / rajguru

Communication is primary skill, especially for the service
centre industries like BPO. Treating customers with
courtesy,assertiveness,listening to the customeretc....all
are compnenets of the skill...which is critical to
business's success to retain and delight the customers.

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why communication skills are necessary?..

Answer / rajan

communication skills are necessary because we have to make
the customers to understand correctly.

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why communication skills are necessary?..

Answer / shanta

An essential in today's life as this brings a medium of
communication with various people around, be it customers,
colleagues or anyone around. This is the first source of
understang, next to being a good listener, thus making a
person more confident of the work they are into.

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why communication skills are necessary?..

Answer / vithyaa

communication skill is very
much usefull now a days..

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why communication skills are necessary?..

Answer / santosh

Communication as it a word which world is running behind
that, might be the most of the people are having different
kinds of mother tongues but the common language is
completely required for the world that is English. That's
the reason communication is most required for the world to
express the thoughts, to share the feelings, to enjoy the
moments and last to communicate with the others. as simply
as to explain world is running behind the communication and
communication is working for the world

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