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what u know about bpo.

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what u know about bpo...

Answer / biru

BPO is a form of outsourcing which involves in contracting
of operations and responsibilities of a specific business
function to a third party service provider.

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what u know about bpo...

Answer / mohd. shah alam

BPO means that one company buys the services of another
company to handle their business needs

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what u know about bpo...

Answer / muhammed abdul haseeb

BPO..Business process outsourcing
well BPO works as Backend process for the company.Now a days we can see every big companies is have cs or cc to solve the quires or problem with the product of the companies
Bpo is also known call center or customer service or customer care....

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what u know about bpo...

Answer / reaan shaikh

BPO Stand for business
process outsoursing..

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what u know about bpo...

Answer / lakshmi

bpo means business process out source & simply called as
call center or customer service

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