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Describe object model in detail.

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What is a dynaset in access?

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what is the difference betwen typed dataset and untyped dataset?in general which dataset can we use in programming?

0 Answers   EDS,

What are the steps you will take to improve performance?

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Data reader read and forward only, how is it possible to get 2 tables of data at a time?

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How To Update A Column In A DataGrid Using C#.NET? I am getting InvalidCastException as (Specified cast is not valid) while updating 2nd column in a datagrid? Id,firstname,lastname are the three columns of my datagrid respectively. I wanted to edit the second column(lastname) and update it. I did the following code in DataGrid's updatecommand(),but failed to update ! Int varid=(int)DataGrid1.DataKeys[e.Item.ItemIndex]; TextBox lnm=(TextBox)e.Item.Cells[2].Controls[0]; string str=lnm.Text ; SqlCommand cmd=new SqlCommand("update customer set lastname='" + str + "' where id=" + varid + "",con); cmd.ExecuteNonQuery(); DataGrid1.EditItemIndex=- 1; DataGrid1.DataBind();

2 Answers   Mind Tree, TCS,

What is untyped dataset?

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What is data control techniques?

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Explain features?

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What does ado stand for?

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how to keep track of index in listbox items.

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what is type dataset?

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What are disadvantages of microsoft-provided data provider classes in

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