Which is the first country in the world to allow
mercy-killing after its Senate passed a Bill legalizing
euthanasia by 46-28 votes?

(A) The Netherlands

(B) Nigeria

(C) The Philippines

(D) Portugal

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Answer / guest

( A ) The Netherlands

Is This Answer Correct ?    108 Yes 3 No

Answer / sakshi

The Netherland

Is This Answer Correct ?    27 Yes 1 No

Answer / aanchal

The right answer is The Netherlands

Is This Answer Correct ?    19 Yes 0 No

Answer / himanshi

its netherlands

Is This Answer Correct ?    19 Yes 2 No

Answer / prashanth reddy


Is This Answer Correct ?    17 Yes 0 No

Answer / sheela


Is This Answer Correct ?    11 Yes 0 No

Answer / buntha

Correct answer is
(A) The Netherlands

Is This Answer Correct ?    8 Yes 0 No

Answer / srinivasa rao m

The Netherlands

Is This Answer Correct ?    1 Yes 0 No

Answer / guest

(A) The Netherlands

Is This Answer Correct ?    1 Yes 0 No

Answer / mahesh

The Philippines

Is This Answer Correct ?    1 Yes 4 No

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