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CDS Interview Questions
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Union Public Service Commission Combined Defence Services Exam February 2005 Question Paper

CDS, HCL, IMA, Infosys, MMM, Wipro,

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Union Public Service Commission Combined Defence Services Exam February 2005 Question Paper

CDS, Central Police Forces, CPF, NDA,

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My upcoming Job Written Examination (Oriental Insurance Company Ltd)comprises a syllabus of Reasoning English language General awareness I am following Probationary Officers Exam Book by (T.S.Jain). Is that sufficient or should i opt for some thing more?? Pls suggest as early as possible. Can any professional teacher guide me????


if i m in front of interviewing officer nd he has given me a situation but actully but i m nt in state of giving any answer then what i*d do at that time?


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union public service commission combined defence service exam february 2006,2007&2008 question paper


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what do you think about your self?


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what did your best and worst friends think about you?


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Hii can any one give me basic details about group 1 exams n evn plz tell me vn 2 apply for the exam


tell me about naxalism


why are you interested to join in armed forcrs


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as a computer science engineer ahy are interested to join in armed forces.

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how do you feel if you are not selected in this armed forces selections?

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who is the first president of planning commission


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when will be the results announced after exams

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my date of birth is 20/05/1984 .iam a graduate in political science .so plz tell how can i joind army as officer . plz do reply on



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Un-Answered Questions { CDS }

Why don’t you smoke when your friends smoke and drink?


If you had the chance, what changes would you make to this country's education system


should women be granted permanent commision in army or not"? if yes than why?? if no than why??


Why airforce after Msc math?


why did you choose M.Sc(math) ??


what is your view about corruption


How do you think your professors & Teachers would describe you if we talk to them about you?


What do you think the top most qualities an officer should have?


If you don’t drink, how you adjust with your friends in parties? And in the profession you are opt most of the officers drink, then how you will adjust?


Considering the recent mishaps in Navy, if your parents don’t allow you to join Navy how will you convince them?


What do you feel about your academic performance till now?


I want to know if a person fail to give Form-H of CST what is replace of this can we collect 2% cst against "C" Form or full VAT? or any other penalty...


What do you know about Airforce, Army, Navy ?


I have cleared my CDS(OTA)written test.Now how should I prepare for the SSB interview? What all I need to do? n from where can I know the medical fitness criteria?


What values are dear to you in life? or do you have any guiding principles in life?