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UPSC Interview Questions
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In the Words of Aristotle, what is the definition of State?


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?Man is a social animal by nature and necessity?, who said it

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A State will consists four elements, what are they;

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?A Man who lives outside the Polis is either a beast or a god?, is attributed by

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What Polis means

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Tell us the definition of State, in the words of ?Garner?

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?Political science begins and ends with the State?, who said it

College School Exams Tests, Garnier, Plato,

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To all Governments which is the important feature

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In parliamentary system of Governments, by whom the Bill are prepared and introduced

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What is main function of the bureaucracy.

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When the members of the Cabinet can be picked from more than one political party?

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What is maximum period of member of Cabinet without being a member in parliament?

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A vote of ?No confidence? against defence minister leads to

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How long the members of the Cabinet hold office

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Who is the real executive authority under Cabinet Government

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Un-Answered Questions { UPSC }

compare the advantage and disadvantage of being a days scholar over a hostler ?


Minimum number of legislative council


Please post the UPSC and other state level Drug Inspectors interview questions


your perception on ayodhya issue ? the decision given by high court is it right. why ? why not ? what should be the right decision ?


degree final year students are eligible for 2012 civils exams


is religion/community based attack killing of christians in orissa/killing of muslim in gujrat / attack on bihari


should women be granted permanent commision in army or not"? if yes than why?? if no than why??


what your view about-legalized prostitution ??


How can you say that you are responsible? Give few incidents from your life to show that you are responsible ??


why u did not selected ncc in school"???


what view do you have towards the government reservation policy,do you think it should be given an what criteria ? do you think reservation policy is an effective tool ?


What do you think the ideal relationship is between a officer & his men ??


who are better friends according to you-girls or boys? if boy than why boys not girl?? & if girl than why girls not boy ??


how do you plan any event ? such as preparing for a competetive examination


what was the cut off marks for CSAT 2011?