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how many bytes equal to 1kb

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how many bytes equal to 1kb..

Answer / shalini

1024 bytes

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how many bytes equal to 1kb..

Answer / ashu bansal

1024 bytes

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. The 66½0 lattitude is called (a) Arctic circle (b) Line of illumination (c) Antarctic circle (d) Temperature zone

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?Ngultrum? is the currency of??. A. Denmark B. Cyprus C. Bhutan D. Myanmar

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In the last decade, population growth rate of which State has been the lowest in the country? 1 Kerala 2 Tamil Nadu 3 Andhra Pradesh 4 Orissa

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India?s Tax-GDP ratio is approximately 1 7.33% 2 8.5% 3 9.33% 4 10.5%

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Chariman of the Press Commission is (1) Justice K.N. Singh (2) Justice A.N. Verma (3) Justice R.S. Sarkaria (4) Justice S.R. Pandiyan

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who is mumbai commissioner

11 Answers   MCGM, MPSC,

The line demarcating the boundary between India and Pakistan is: (a) Durand Line (b) MacMohan Line (c) Radcliff Line (d) Maginot Line

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The Indian National Programmers are telecast via: (1) Intelsat-5 (2) Rohini (3) Statsional-6 (4) Intelsat-4

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Akhnoor bridge, which was recently in the news, is built over which of the following rivers? 1 Sindhu 2 Ravi 3 Sutlej 4 Chenab

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Which one of the following statements is correct ? (a) Kashmir was annexed to Mughal Empire by Humayun (b) Gujarat was annexed to Mughal Empire by Akbar (c) Malwa was annexed to Mughal Empire by Jahangir (d) Khandesh was annexed to Mughal Empire by Shahjahan

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?Ramacharita? written by Sandhyakara Nandi in twelfth century A.D. was the 1 Story of Lord Rama in a popular poetic style in Oriya language 2 First translatioin of valmiki?s ramanaya into telugu language 3 Story of a love affair between a rich merchant of pataliputra and a beautiful courtesan 4 Story of the conflict between the kaivarta peasants and a pala prince

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The most malleable metal is (A) Platinum (B) Silver (C) Iron (D) Gold

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