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which fat soluble vitamin has co-enzymic function?

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What is internal energy?

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How are reaction rates dependent upon free energy changes?

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How many elements are there in 3d-series of first transition series?

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Explain threshold energy?

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Autoanalyser is used for[tick your right choice} 1.Analysing heart defect 2.Imaging various internal body parts 3.Estimating requirement of surgical removal or correction 4.Estimating quantity of various biochemicals in body fluids

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Explain what are the raw materials used for the precipitation of na2co3 by solvay ammonium process?

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What are allosteric enzymes?

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what is the PH of bile?

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how do u differentiate pseudoglobulins and euglobulins on the basis of solubility?

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What does one Debye equals?

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which is known as antidermatitis factor?

2 Answers   Biocon,

What are the salient features of chemiosmotic coupling hypothesis?

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