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What causes the elasticity of corneal layer of skin?

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More Bio Chemistry Interview Questions

What factors contribute to the entropy change when a denatured protein folds up?

2 Answers  

Splicing of pre-mRNA involves an unusual phosphodiester bond. Why is it unusual? What parts of the intron/exon form this bond?

1 Answers   Pace Pharmaceuticals,

Why don’t all proteins have methionine as the N-terminal amino acid?

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Into which two groups can the nitrogen-containing bases that form dna and rna be classified? What is the criterion used in that classification?

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Which form of isomers of a substance is more stable?

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what are the disadvantages of immobilized enzymes

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What are carbohydrates used for in living systems?

3 Answers  

Explain standard feat of formation.

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How does a random coil differ from an irregularly structured region?

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What role does the primary structure play in determining the folding pattern of a protein?

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What is markownikoff’s rule?

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What is Michaelis Menten equation ????

4 Answers