Ethylene on ozonolysis gives which chemical compound?

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what is the wood sugar?

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What is the Best Test Of Blood Glucose Estimation?

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What is the activation center of an enzyme? Is it the key or the lock of the lock and key model?

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what are bioflavinoids?

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What are respectively some remarkable functions of myosin, cd4, albumin, keratin, immunoglobulin, reverse transcriptase, hemoglobin, and insulin?

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what is racemic mixture and what is racemisation?

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what is siderophilin?

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Explain what are similarities and differences between the transcription process and the replication processes?

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what is reichert-meissl number?

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Which theory explains the paramagnetic nature of oxygen? Who proposed it?

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Is protein biggerrr than RNA

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What are enantimorphs and diastereomers ?

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