What is meant by buddy testing?

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What is meant by buddy testing? ..

Answer / neelavathy.r

It is a type of ad-hoc testing, due to lack of time the
programmer and the tester sit together and conduct the test
as soon as the coding is finished.I helps to save the time
and the error occurance also will be very less.

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What is meant by buddy testing? ..

Answer / lakshmi netyam

Due to lack of time for testing,test engineer grouped with
programmer to conduct testing as early as possible. Buddy
means a group with programmer and tester. It is a type of
ad-hoc testing

Correct me if i am wrong

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What is meant by buddy testing? ..

Answer / ram

1.Buddy Testing comes under ad hoc testing.

2.In this type of Testing Two Team Members are identified as

3. The buddies Mutually help each other, with a common goal
of identifying defects early and correcting them.

( a developer and a Tester usually become buddies)


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