list me out the shortcutkeys for some functionlities in the
qtp for example to record ,to run ... etc

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list me out the shortcutkeys for some functionlities in the qtp for example to record ,to run ... ..

Answer / rajiv jindal

Command Press
New > Test CTRL + N
New > Business Component CTRL + SHIFT + N
New > Scripted Component ALT + SHIFT + N
New > Application Area CTRL +Alt + N
Open > Test CTRL + O
Open > Business Component CTRL + SHIFT + O
Open > Application Area CTRL + ALT + O
Save CTRL + S
Export Test to Zip File CTRL + ALT + S
Import Test from Zip File CTRL + ALT + I
Print CTRL + P
Cut CTRL + X (EV only)
Copy CTRL + C
Paste CTRL + V
Delete DEL
Undo CTRL + Z (EV only)
Redo CTRL + Y (EV only)
Rename Action F2
Find CTRL + F (EV only)
Replace CTRL + H (EV only)
Go To CTRL + G (EV only)
Bookmarks CTRL + B (EV only)
Complete Word CTRL + Space (EV only)
Argument Info CTRL + SHIFT + SPACE (EV only)
Apply “With” To Script CTRL + W (EV only)
Remove “With” Statements CTRL + SHIFT + W (EV only)
Checkpoint > Standard
Output Value > Standard Output
CTRL + F12
Step > Step Generator F7
New Step F8 OR INS (KV only)
New Step After Block SHIFT + F8 (KV only)
Key: KV = Keyword View
EV = Expert View
Application Area Menu
Record F3
Run F5
Stop F4
Analog Recording CTRL + SHIFT + F4
Low Level Recording CTRL + SHIFT + F3
Object Properties CTRL + ENTER
Value Configuration Options CTRL + F11 on an input value
(KV only)
Output Options CTRL + F11 on an output value
(KV only)
Debug Menu
Step Into F11
Step Over F10
Step Out SHIFT + F11
Insert/Remove Breakpoint F9
Clear All Breakpoints CTRL + SHIFT + F9
Data Table Options
Edit > Cut CTRL + X
Edit > Copy CTRL + C
Edit > Paste CTRL + V
Edit > Clear > Contents CTRL + DEL
Edit > Insert CTRL + I
Edit > Delete CTRL + K
Edit > Fill Right CTRL + R
Edit > Fill Down CTRL + D
Edit > Find CTRL + F
Edit > Replace CTRL + H
Data > Recalc F9
Insert Multi-line Value CTRL + F2 while editing cell
Activate next/previous sheet CTRL + PAGEUP/
General Options
View Keyword View/Expert View CTRL + TAB
Open context menu for step or
Data Table cell
or Application key ( )
Expand all branches * [on numeric keypad] (KV only)
Expand branch + [on numeric keypad] (KV only)
Collapse branch - [on numeric keypad] (KV only)
Command Press

Rajiv Kumar Jindal
(Test Engineer, Noida)

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list me out the shortcutkeys for some functionlities in the qtp for example to record ,to run ... ..

Answer / anjan

short cut key for record is F3
short cut key for RUN is F5
short cut key for Stop is F4
short cut key for Step into is F11
short cut key for Step over is F10
short cut key for Step out is shift+F11
short cut key for insert/remove break point is F9
short cut key for remove all break points is ctrl+shift+F9

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