How many different types of reports we can create in Crystal

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Answer / syed.irfan

Types of Crystal Reports..
1.Standred Report
2.Sub Report.
4.Form Letter.
5.Cross Tab.
6.Drill Report.
7.Mail Lable Report.
8.Olap Report.

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Answer / as

3.Listing Reports

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Answer / shyam prabhu

You can create report types like

3.Listing Reports

Moreover you can create your own report format and make it
as template for your other reports in Crystal.

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Answer / masthanrao

1.Blank report wizard
3.cross tab report
4.mailing label report
5.olap cube report
6.sub report

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Answer / ajay kumar

Please Refer

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Answer / sourabh gosain

1 Graphical Report
2 Grid Report
3 Customised Formatted Report.
4 On demand Sub Report
5 Alert Report.

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