Explain about Bug life cycle?

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Answer / lakshmi vardhani. b

When ever test engineer encounters a diffect during the
execution of test cases then he will log the defect in any
bug tracking tool.
But before posting the bug we should try to reproduce it in
different platfirms and confirm it whether it is a bug or
->When u log the bug Then its status is "NEW"

->When it is seen by dev or team lead then its status
is "OPEN"

->When ever developer fixex resolution type then the status
could be any one of the following

1) Resolve/fixed
2) Resolve/Works for me
3) Resolve/wontfix
4) Resolve/invalid
5) Resolve/duplicate
6) Resolve/later

-> When the Developer fixes the bug then its status
is "FIXED"

->Then test engineer will verify whether the bug is fixed
or not . then its status is "VERIFIED"

-> When it satisfies the functionality properly then he
will close the bug. Now its status is "CLOSED"

-> If the fixed bug does not satisfy the functionality then
the test engineer shold again reopens the bug. now its
status is "REOPEN"

so these r the various stages of bug life cycle.

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Answer / abhesheke

1)tester->2) open defect->3)send to developer 4)->if
accepted moves to step5 else sends the bug to tester gain
5)fixed by developer ->6)regression testing->7)no problem in
built and signoff 8)->if problem in built reopen the issue
send to step3

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Answer / nag

Bug Life Cycle / Defect Life Cycle



Open Reject

Closed Re-open

New Open Closed

New Open Reopen Closed

New Reject Closed

New Reject Reopen Closed

New Deferred

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Answer / vijay

the Bug life cycle is maintaining their different flow for
their project,

for my project we are doing as following steps.
1.when we raise the defect, It will be the NEW status and
theis will be assigned to the developer, and I will the
mail through QC.
2.The Developer 'OPEN' the defect.If it is not a defect the
developer will 'REJECT' the defect.other wise they fix the
3.After the 'FIXED' the defect by the developer they will
assign to the tester.
4. The tester will test the defect,If it is working fine
them CLOSE the defect,otherwise 'REOPEN' the defect and
send it mail to the developer once again.

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