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say me any problem u faced in the project after delivering
to client?

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say me any problem u faced in the project after delivering to client?..

Answer / arjun reddy.n

Mainly the project will be divided in to builds. Build
wise, we can come to conclusion what is the percentage of
testing finished. After delivering the Build to customer we
will be getting the build status and where the events has
failed. keep track of those events and see that those are
not repeated in the next build. Like wise at the last
deliverable the client comes and we come to conclusion that
the product is stable.

After delivering it to client, and if any problem arises
they will be having the back up of documents. Before that
the product will be in support for some months according to
the client. Once the client has given SOW sign off and then
the problem comes, we are not responsible for it. But there
will be set of people if any problem co9mes in the project
after delivering to client to solve the problems.

If any queries, call me to 9440567637.

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say me any problem u faced in the project after delivering to client?..

Answer / k.chandra sekhar

a) Actually I am not involved this type problem that
not client side problem but I am not involve in my
b) I thing that maintain the other team product team
c) In client side have lot of problems have but I
never not face

My name is k.chandra sekhar,
My phone no is 09246540049,
My mail id is
If any body want full explain send that mail

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