How many codd's rules are satisfied by teradata database?

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What is the difference between fastload and multiload?

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Can we have two time dimensions in a schema(either star or snow flake)? For ex if we want joining date of employee and if we want today's sales with time whether can we have two time dimensions for accommodating above tasks?

0 Answers   IBM,

Hello Frndz, I have a table named product as shown below: product_id product_name 1 AAA 1 BBB 1 CCC 2 PPP 2 QQQ 2 RRR Now my output should be: product_id product_name_1 product_name_2 product_name_3 1 AAA BBB CCC 2 PPP QQQ RRR

4 Answers   Cap Gemini,

How to run the Teradata jobs in unix environment ???

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What are the uses of bynets in multi-node systems?

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How to copy teradata scripts from ur remote desktop to server machine?

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How do you see a ddl for an existing table?

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Why do Hash joins usually perform better than Merge Joins?

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suppose one Cylinder split data blocks are moved from where?

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How can you track login parameters of users in teradata?

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Write a program to show the parser component used in teradata?

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write lock is compatiable with which type of lock?

6 Answers   Infosys,