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What can you calculate by selecting Born-Haber cycle?

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More Bio Chemistry Interview Questions

what is the difference between Dowex-1 and Dowex-50 which are used in ion exchange chromatography?

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Name the 3 hormones present in urine of pregnant women?

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Concerning the nitrogen-containing bases that participate in nucleotides what is the difference between dna and rna.

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suppose you are given a bucket of water having volume 10 litre.In that bucket aprotein sample of unknown concentration was will you determine the concentration of protein from that bucket??

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How does H-bonding in the helix differ from that in the sheet?

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what are you really good at?

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Explain who proposed law of mass action? What does it states?

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What is the name of the dna duplication process? What is the main enzyme that participates in it?

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Does rna molecule have two polynucleotide chains likewise dna?

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What is the rule for the pairing of nitrogen-containing bases in the dna molecule and in the rna?

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Which enzymes in cows allow them to digest cellulose?

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how shikimic acid is synthesised?

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