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What are the difference between the sas data step and sas procs?

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What does P-value signify about the statistical data?

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what is the usage for assigning error=1 in a dataset ?

2 Answers   Satyam,

what is the difference btw proc means and proc univariate?

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I have a dataset concat having variable a b & c. How to rename a b to e & f?

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how to remove the duplicates by proc sql?

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How to limit decimal places for the variable using proc means?

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What’s the difference between var b1 – b3 and var b1 — b3?

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What is a macro routine?

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How do you test for missing values?

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Does anybody has SAS Platform Administration certification dumps. pls send to

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what is intially documentation for a sas programmer?

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There are 200 observations in a dataset, i want to pull out the observation no's 100, 150,180,190 by using Proc SQL? How you can get it?

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