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Explain distinction between plants and animals ?

Explain distinction between plants and animals ?..

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Cell wall or cellulose:- Both plants and animals are
cellular in composition but plants have distinct cell wall
of cellulose but animals lack this cell wall, but instead of
this are these surrounded by a thin cytoplasmic membrane
called plasma membrance.

Chlorophyll :- chlorophyll is characteristic feature of
plants only. Chlorophyll is contained in special
protoplasimic bodies called plastic .

Utilisation of Co2 :-plant posses the power of utilizing the
carbon dioxide of the atmosphere but animals do not posses
this power of utilizing carbon dioxide of the atmosphere but
animals do not possess this power of utilizing carbon
dioxide or of manufacturing food.

Food :- Green plants absorb rew food material from out side
water and inorganic salts from the soil and Co2 from the air
thus in this way prepare organic food, with the help of
chlorophyll in the presence of sunlight. Animals have no
power of manufacturing food.

Growth :- In plants growth proceeds until death. While in
animals growth ceases long before death.

Movement :- Animals move freely in search of food and
shelter and also attacked but plants cannot bodily move from
one place to another, except some lower plants.
Vacuole and Centrosome :- Vacuole is common feature of plant
cell but it is absent in animal cell, if present, is small
in size. The centrsome which like close of nucleus is common
feature of the animal cell.

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