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what is eib, how is can be used?

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What is the common systems area?

0 Answers  

Name three ways the Modified Data Tag can be set on?

6 Answers   IBM,

What is the command used to request notification when the specified time has expired?

1 Answers  

What is the error condition that is set when the file specified in the NAME option is not in the FCT?

1 Answers   UHG,

Into what fields will the date and time values be moved after execution of the above command?

1 Answers   IBM,

If TDQs are selfdestructive then why they are used? AND Why TSQs are preferred over TDQs?

5 Answers   IBM,

What information can be obtained from the EIBRCODE?

1 Answers  

Specify the requirements for Automatic Task Initiation. (Mention the control table, it?s entries and the corresponding Procedure division CICS command).

1 Answers  

What are the naming conventions for the Temporary Storage Queues?

2 Answers   Sainsburys,

We can allocate memory dynamically by using GET MAIN command my question is at what scenario we can't release this memory and reuse this same memory??

0 Answers   BirlaSoft,

Can you use occurs in bms map?

0 Answers  

What does the 'ceci:cics' transactions do?

0 Answers