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When was NABARD established?

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More Banking Finance Interview Questions

Explain current ratio. What does it indicate?

0 Answers  

What are the main duties and responsibilities of a finance executive?

0 Answers  

Why the company prefering prefence capitalrather than debenture capital?

4 Answers   IBS,

what should be the recommendation of taxation in private company?

0 Answers  

What are the causes that the price of the share goes up and down in daily transaction?

0 Answers  

Dear sir, please send me previos papers of rbi THANKS

0 Answers   RBI,

What is the function of blue chip stock?

0 Answers   SEBI,

what is the difference between issuing house and investment bank

1 Answers  

can i carry indian currency to other countries and convert it there itself eg:- UK,USA?

3 Answers  

What is 'asset duty'?

0 Answers  

What is MFN? What is Gold Standard?

0 Answers  

What is Beta?

12 Answers  

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