What is your preferable location?

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Tell us about projects undertaken by you

0 Answers   Akamai Technologies,

Tell us about an experience where you worked as a team player.

0 Answers   Agilent,

State two of your weaknesses and strengths.

0 Answers   InterGraph,

What do you mean by the term 'dear money'?

0 Answers   RBI,

what are your weaknesses? How do you plan to overcome them?

0 Answers   Zensar, Tavant Technologies,

What do you think are the qualities that define a Team Leader?

0 Answers   HCL,

why do you believe you are qualified for this job?

0 Answers   BNY Mellon, Wegmans, Under Armour,

Tell about most difficult team project u have worked on.

0 Answers   Cisco,

Tell us something about SBI that you know?

0 Answers   State Bank Of India SBI,

what are your expectations regarding promotions and salary increases?

0 Answers   Ralph Lauren, Ross Stores,

What new can you bring on board to our company?

0 Answers   Ittiam Systems,

do you have any idea about the financial inclusion?

0 Answers   IBPS,