What are the reasons behind high NPAs in PSU banks?

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If you take home loan for 10 lacs and what is the margin?

0 Answers   State Bank Of India SBI,

Define FII? How does it benefit the government?

0 Answers   RBI,


3 Answers  

What do you know about National Income and Per capita Income?

0 Answers   RBI,

Explain the weak-form, semi-strong from and strong-from of efficiency?

0 Answers  

If Debentures Are Issued at Par and Redeemable at Par What Journal Entry Should Be Passed?

0 Answers   Joint Stock Company,

1. Find the number, when 15 is subtracted from 7 times the number, the result is 10 more than twice of the number 5 15 7.5 4

1 Answers  

What is CAR?

0 Answers   Nabard,

What is Per Capita Income?

1 Answers  

How can Banks reduce multi banking with the ultimate aim of increasing profitability?

0 Answers  

what is the meaning of finance

13 Answers   Genpact, Bank Of America,

What are Assets?

8 Answers  

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