If A driver drives a car four times a lap 10,20 30,60 kmph what is his average speed.

If A driver drives a car four times a lap 10,20 30,60 kmph what is his average speed...

Answer / deepak bhengra

Average Speed = (Total Distance)/(Total Time)
suppose the distance of one lap is = x km
then, T1 = x/10 ; T2 = x/20 ; T3 = x/30 ; T4 = x/60
Total Time, T = T1+T2+T3+T4 = x/10 + x/20 + x/30 +x/60 = 12x/60 = x/5
Now, Total Distance = D1+D2+D3+D4 = x+x+x+x = 4x
And, Average Speed = (4x)/(x/5) = 4x*5/x
= 20 kmph.

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