write 5 critical test cases on product payment form on flipkart.com?

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What is the difference between QA and QC?

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Artifacts in design phase of SDLC ?

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How to test URl of a website manualy?

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How to run the Data Base Testing Manually ?

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What is a TEST CONDITION?When it is used?who prepares tesst conditions? Also pls explain me clearly with an example.Plsss reply me fast. Thanks for the repliers.

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how many meeting in realtime environment? what are they?plz explain?

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Explain a bug which if you have missed could have created a big problem?

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What was the difference between Test case and Bug Report is there any template for this

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What is the difference between Bugzilla and Softsmith- QAMonitor?

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what is Test Responsibility matrix?

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What is Management Testing?

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What is ERP.Give a simple description about that.

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