For 65hp motors how kvr capacitor should be on??

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how many ground terminal in 8086 microproccer?

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what is difference between if and else if

1 Answers   NTCP,

sir,please send me the questions and syllabus for ongc technical assistant exam for electronics and comm

0 Answers   ONGC, Shree Cement,

I'would like to know the type of questios asked for STA (senior technical assistant)interview in DRDO.whats the nature of the interview? whether theres HR and Technical interview?

2 Answers   DRDO, India Post,

How range and azimuth is calculating in RADAR

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What is the weight per meter (Kg/m)of 0.5mm dia copper 10 pair,50 pair and 100 pair,200 pair,500pair telephone cables?

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what are the advantages of three phase supply over one phase?

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Can anyone send me question papers for section engineer for railways and send me on my id-

0 Answers   RRB,

where and why do we use stright and cross cable?

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where do i get exercises for electronic circuits lab, i.e, designing various waveform(clipper, clamper, rectifiers)

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what is RS-232 giv ex?

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