The old welding machine use electro- -magnetic winding to step up the current for welding rods,what is new principle inside the welding

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Why DG Set manufacturers do not give options for alternative fuels. They even do not allow to change at the cost of custmers.

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Write a program to input 10 elements in an array and seperate even and odd numbers, positive and negative between them ?

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what is the need to take testing as a carrier?

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Need help with technical writer interview asap.

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I want the syllabus of Section Enginner(Signal & Telecom) of RRB Exam

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If the length of a rectangle is increased by 30% and the width is decreased by 20%, then the area is increased by...

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i cannot go to my computer to set up why?

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tcp/ip is ---bits

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How to freely move a ball in graphics mode.

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what is difference between class and object in c++

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discuss the technique for implementing high performance computing

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describe how your code can determine if the user entered an input box value or click the cancel button?

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