When mesuring the flow of liquid what are the two things to measure?

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These questions were asked at NICL for the post of Administrative Officer(Specialist): 1. Questions on B.Tech Project 2. What is camshaft and its working 3. Shape of a Cam 4. If Otto and Diesel Cycle has same compression ratio that which will have higher efficiency 5. Effect on IC Engine efficiency if inlet temp increased 6. Who is the current world champion in Chess(as of Sept 2012) 7. Sports person involved in dope charges(Lance Armstrong) 8. Formula for Otto cycle efficiency in terms of temperature 9. 2016 olympics will be going to held in which city

2 Answers   NIC, Atlas Honda, JL,

In volute casing the discharge area is more. so as per bernoulli's principle the pressure must be reduces also from the basics, pressure = Force/Area. so pressure and area are inversily proportional. By considering these two basic rules pressure must be reduces. But in any centrifugal pump, the pressure is increasing. How the velocity is converted into pressure. In my view only head is increases but how the pressure increases?

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impact strength of an material is an index of its---?

1 Answers   RRB, AML,

how many stages in compressor in ge 9 fa gas turbine ?

3 Answers   DEWA, Applied Power Technologies, Wales Interiors,

What is crushing index ? How it is calculated? What is it's important?

1 Answers   Nissan,

Will anybody tell me about types and numbers of sensors in toyota corolla gli,honda civic and suzuki cultus vxri???

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How many lubricating holes are there in cylinder?

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why as atmospheric pressure increases,boiling point also increases?

5 Answers   BARC,

Which case we will find maximum pressure and flow in centrifugal pump - circular casing or volute casing ?

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can anybody says what is mean by BS 1/8" thread?

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area under P-V diagram indiacates what?

10 Answers   Ford, APGenco,

Why do not use flywheel in petrol engine

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