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How many lobes

How many lobes..

Answer / leeladhar


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If the enthalpy change for a reaction is zero, DG? is equal to: a) DH? b) lnKeq c) TDS? d) -TDS?

1 Answers  

What is hoffman degradation method?

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which is known as invert sugar?

2 Answers   Aurobindo, Reddy Labs,

What are Tetracyclines?

3 Answers   Dr Reddys, Reddy Labs,

what is familiar hypercholesterolemia?

0 Answers   Ranbaxy,

Name two compounds, which is mixture of lucas reagent?

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If we removed spleen from the body,what happens?is there any disturbance to immune system?

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What are the standard state conditions for biochemical thermodynamics?

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what is the difference between hydrolase, synthase and synthetase

1 Answers  

Explain what is the primary structure of a protein? What is the importance of the primary structure?

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what is the functionality of bongkrekat?

1 Answers,

What is cellobiose what are its important properties?

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