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What does a disposition of (NEW,CATLG,DELETE) mean?

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What does a disposition of (NEW,CATLG,DELETE) mean?..

Answer / guest

That this is a new dataset and needs to be allocated, to
CATLG the dataset if the step is successful and to delete
the dataset if the step abends.

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What does a disposition of (NEW,CATLG,DELETE) mean?..

Answer / druks


a a new DSN is created , when the system goes through either and cond code (non zero cond code included ie 4,8,16 etc ) then it is cataloged , if the step end with any other reason ie SB37 U4095 , the DSN will be deleted .

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What does a disposition of (NEW,CATLG,DELETE) mean?..

Answer / vikas pujar

It is wrong since u cannot delete a DS on abnormal
termination , when NEW is given, since noting is there to

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