In a locked empty room from inside a man hanged himself to a fan above 10 feet and there is nothing in the room on which he could have stand and hung up but there is some water on the floor can anybody give the answee

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In a locked empty room from inside a man hanged himself to a fan above 10 feet and there is no..

Answer / akhilcha

he might have stood on ice re

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In a locked empty room from inside a man hanged himself to a fan above 10 feet and there is no..

Answer / changbroot

The man committed suicide. He stood on a big ice cube and hung himself. After some time the ice melted and water puddle only present in the scene along with the hung man.
This is a stupid question, but that's what they're looking for. No one is asking where did the block of ice come from? Was all the water turned into ice when the man hang himself? If so, how did he know that he would die of hanging and not of cold? If he was force in there when the water was frozen, he would have die long before the Ice melted. Ice cubes do not stay steady and they're slippery.

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