How to build a good rapport?

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Tell me about Mumbai City

0 Answers   BPO, Kankei,

How do you plan daily and weekly activities?

1 Answers  

Would you accept if we offer you a lower salary than of your expected salary?

8 Answers   Aegis,

How would you convince everyone to adopt to change and what changes would you like to make?

0 Answers   Cognizant,

Three minutes speech on Life,Friendship etc????

1 Answers   Wipro,

why do you want to join call center

40 Answers   247Customer, EXL, HGS, IBM, JKS, Qualfon, Reliance BPO, Vodafone, Wipro,

Are you willing to relocate/travel?

0 Answers   HSBC,

actually what is done at call centers..

6 Answers   Aegis, FirstSource, HGS, Punjab National Bank,

what are the feature of windows xp

2 Answers   Brigade,

Describe your ideal job?

6 Answers   DELL, Nestle, Petronas,

what is insurance

0 Answers   Call Centre,

I have a Merchant Account in the United States and I am seeking a Call Center to team up with, for the processing of all service or product related. Please advise with information?

0 Answers