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what is the treatment for employee contribution and employer contribution in in pf in accounts under which head??

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how to pass entry in tally Rs 50000 cheque paid to son by father

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payment voucher for advance salary

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what is mutual fund?

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how to answer tell me about yourself in an interview?

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what is tds? how this tds deducted? what is percentage? how to calculate? what is the procesure?

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journal entry of outstanding

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can any one tell me what is the difference between Accounting period & Financial year? Will be waiting for your answer. It's an open source question, any correct answer will be appreciable. Thanks. Regards, Mr. RKO

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I purchased a machine and finance it by bank with the amount 1900000 and bank apply the finance charge 440000 for 3 years finance how to pass this entry still machine value is 2200000 is finance charge is interest (indirect exp.) pls help me.

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what the three thing that can not make accounting statement balance?

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what is accrual basis of accounting?explain in detail?

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When we purchase Some goods Like ( Machinery's) we want to generate way bill ? Kindly Clarify .... Because recently we are purchased medical Equipment for our hospital use but vendor asking Waybill...Shall i give waybill or not Please let me know..?

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