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Goods sold by Del Credere Agent are sales of manufacturer or
Del Credere Agency?

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What is LIFO and FIFO ?

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claim of workers pf esic contribution as expenditure in profi & loss a/c under head manufacturing or Administrative exp ?

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Bank account comes under Real or Personal ?

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pre paid expense is a asset?where it should be posted.

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What is basic difference between loan and investment?

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Example of deferred liability and asset?

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Mention whether the account "cash" will be credited or debited when a company pays a bill?

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2- What is the difference between cash book and journals?

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What does the word credit mean in terms of accounting?

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how to we pass a purchase entry in item invoice mode where some advance has been paid to the party. the purchase entry should get offset with the advance payment entry so that it does not appear in the bill outstanding or bills due list. please guide.thank you

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interview process in factset

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