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what is cost center & cost categories in tally

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I need to know when you buy a asset on credit and your monthly instalment is $10000 in the books where and how do you record the outstanding liability the interest and the capital instalments.Secondly the deposit that you receive which you should still send back to the tenat where in the books do you record for entry and the contra entry.

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If company invest Rs. 3,00,000 in Chit & Fund and later received with Profit Rs. 3,50,0000 = (Rs. 3,00,000 + 50,000 profit amount). Pls advise how to pass the profit amount...and in which head the profit amount goes

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hai! i am a BE(computer science) graduate with 54% of aggregate looking for bank clerk job? in interview they are asking why are you looking for a bank job and what guareente that once you are selected ? plz guide me?

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Difference between Horizontal & Vertical Balance sheet

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I got below mail stating to pay 8000 rupees to Wipro but when I went to wipro in sajapur, it was fake mail. If u receives this kind of mail, please don’t respond. Please inform to ur friends regarding this. Wipro Limited Dear candidate Your Resume has been selected by ( Wipro Limited). I have attached your Interview Process letter with this email. Kindly see the attached file. Note - you can call in official working Hours Monday to Saturday – 9 Am to 2 Pm, Company Website – Note - And more details you send a email Company Email Add – Best Of Luck For More Details Please Click Here Wipro Limited < I received attachment mail as well.

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what is accounting rules

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our company given party to employees. this expenditure which account head booked ? please tell me

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how long we keep invoices for recivables and there is any neccesary to keep delivery challans

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What procedure for excess payment to supplier I would like know without adjusting invoice that means how supplier will send back excess amount how do in oracle apps?

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what is cost center & cost categories in tally

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What is the disadvantage of double entry system?

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