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how will you apply the phythogores theorem to the table tennis service

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how can you stop migration of peoples from state to state?

5 Answers   CDS,

Where do you find yourself after (five or) ten years?

0 Answers  

how you would control population if allowed?? reason for population growth factors-in favour &against ?

0 Answers   SSB,

according to them ..father ,sister,mother..what good and bad qualities you have ?

0 Answers  

How are you surviving without a job?

0 Answers   SSB,

what is punching?

0 Answers   NIC, Reliance,

how you organize a football tournament ?? & what will you do if tam walks out of the ground complaining about umpire's/refereis partiality ??

0 Answers   SSB,

how many ssbs you have faced why u unable to get through?

3 Answers  

About issues in Syria, Egypt, Lebanon, Iran, Israel, Afghanistan ?

0 Answers   SSB,

whx want you join indian army

5 Answers   SSB,

Did you participate in any extra curricular activities? What for? Do you gain any thing out of it?

0 Answers   SSB,

what is merge sort?

0 Answers   NIC,