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why you like Lakshya movie

why you like Lakshya movie..

Answer / rishabh harsh

Because it motivated me to join indian army.

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what is insertion sort?

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If you don’t drink, how you adjust with your friends in parties? And in the profession you are opt most of the officers drink, then how you will adjust?

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Why you want to join indian armed forces after Msc math ?

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Qualities of a good employees?

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why do you need to have hobbies

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experiences underwent and responsibilities undertaken and difficulties faced if any with reference to responsibilities and experience ?

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why u get less marks in graduation then class 12

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is religion / community based attack justified like killing of Christians in Orissa / killing of muslim in gujrat /attack on bihari and u.p residents in assam and Maharashtra/ attack on Sikhs in j&k.. your view and what you would do to stop such attacks ?

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why do you not believe in horoscope or astrology

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why do you want to join army?

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why do you think you are better than others ??

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what is clr?

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