Who was the first youngest lady receive the Padma Shri Award?

Who was the first youngest lady receive the Padma Shri Award?..

Answer / hansraj

sania mirza

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In eye donation, which one of the following parts of donor?s eye is utilized? (a) Iris (b) Lens (c) Cornea (d) Retina

4 Answers   UPPCL,

How SSC fix its cut-off marks in paper- for 2006 it was 63. AS I had scored 57 my others paper have not been evaluated......Do you have any idea how they fix this...and...what will be cut-off for paper-II in cgl2008?

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can u plz send me the questions of ssc combined graguate level exam to deepa3132@gmail.com

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Daily weather changes in the atmosphere are associated with (a) Troposphere (b) Mesosphere (c) Ionosphere (d) Stratosphere

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A can complete a work in 6 days while B can complete the same work in 12 days. If they work together and complete it, then the portion of the work done by A is (a) 1/3 (b) 2/3 (c) 1/4 (d) 1/2

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Who decides about the size and membership of the Council of Ministers? (a) President (b) Prime Minister (c) Chairman of the ruling party (d) Lok Sabha

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Mansabdari System was introduced by (a) Akbar (b) Humayun (c) Babar (d) Sher Shah

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Which State in India has a separate Constitution? (a) Sikkim (b) Jammu and Kashmir (c) Mizoram (d) Goa

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Who administers the Oath of office to the President of India ?

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A man observed that a train 120 m long crossed him in 9 seconds. The speed (in km/hr) of the train was (a) 42 (b) 45 (c) 48 (d) 55

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Hay fever is a sign of (a) Malnutrition (b) Allergy (c) Old age (d) Over work

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Which among the following pairs is not correctly matched? (a) Venice : the Bride of the Adriatic (b) Gibralter : Key to the Mediterranean (c) Lhasa : city of Seven Hills (d) Chicago : Windy City

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