difference between smoke testing & sanity testing?

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difference between smoke testing & sanity testing?..

Answer / devarajan

Smoke testing is checking the build at initial level just
like starting a new bike is running first time successfully
or not.

Sanity testing:

Verifying the critical (important) functionality of the
software on new build to decide whether to carry further
testing or not.

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difference between smoke testing & sanity testing?..

Answer / ankur

1)Testing the Basis and Critical features of an application
is called Smoke Testing whereas Sanity Testing is Deep
Regression testing.
2)Smoke testing is done when application is ready whereas
Sanity is done when Bug fixes or code changes is done.
3)Smoke Testing can be documented wheras Sanity Testing
cannot be documented.

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difference between smoke testing & sanity testing?..

Answer / shyamala

Smoke Testing is testing the major functionality of the
Sanity Testing is testing the functionality of a particular
module in depth

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difference between smoke testing & sanity testing?..

Answer / unknown

can anyone tell with some examples??

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difference between smoke testing & sanity testing?..

Answer / sam

actully both are same but still there are some defferences exists between smoke testing and anity testing
smoke testing
1)smoke testing is shallow(high evel testing)and wide testing(we will test all basic and critical features)
2)smoke testing s positive testing
3)here we write smoke scenarios and test cases
4)smoke test cases can be automated
5)testing basic and critical features of an application before doing thorough and regression testing is called as smoke tesing
1)sanity is narrow and deep testing(we take one feature and we test it thoroughly)
2)sanity testing is both positive and negative testing
3)we dnt write sanity test cases and scenarios
4)test cases cant Be automated
5)sanity testing is subset of acceptance testing and software is subset of regression testing as and when we get thw build is deployed into testing environment or production environment we do sanity test ti ensurewhether the build is stable and testing encironment is stable

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difference between smoke testing & sanity testing?..

Answer / k.deepika

smoke Testing: basic functionality is available or not is called smoke testing

Sanity Testing : basic functionality is working or not is called sanity testing

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