who is the father of HPLC?

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who is the father of HPLC?..

Answer / kcnreddy

Miahail tsvet

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who is the father of HPLC?..

Answer / sigilipalliramu@gmail.com

Father of chromatography was Mikhail tswett ,Father of HPLC casaba harwarth

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who is the father of HPLC?..

Answer / qcprashant

Mikhail Tsvet....Father of Chromatography

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who is the father of HPLC?..

Answer / vasundhara,vijaya clg

michail tswett in 1906

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who is the father of HPLC?..

Answer / bhanu pratap singh

michail tswett

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who is the father of HPLC?..

Answer / narahari

Mikhail Semenovich Tsvett in 1906

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