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Take Over Means?

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Take Over Means?..

Answer / sreedhar

in business takeover means purchase of one company by

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Take Over Means?..

Answer / poonam arora

Take over is the acquisation of a small company's ordinary
share capital by a bigger company, finance by cash, an
issue securities or a combination of both.

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Take Over Means?..

Answer / sangeeta

takeover means to acquire a small company by the bigger and
successful company 4 expansion of business.

Is This Answer Correct ?    16 Yes 5 No

Take Over Means?..

Answer / vengamma

take over means taking all the authorities of small
companys by the large capital companies.

Is This Answer Correct ?    6 Yes 2 No

Take Over Means?..

Answer / marulappa t g

take over means acquisition of small company by big company

Is This Answer Correct ?    3 Yes 1 No

Take Over Means?..

Answer / arun

in accounting terminology its called aquasition of business

Is This Answer Correct ?    4 Yes 4 No

Take Over Means?..

Answer / wazid ali

Acquisition of a company.

Is This Answer Correct ?    0 Yes 1 No

Take Over Means?..

Answer / rajarajan

to succed......

Is This Answer Correct ?    14 Yes 16 No

Take Over Means?..

Answer / rajarajan

TAke over means to proceed or to continue.......

Is This Answer Correct ?    11 Yes 15 No

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