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what is exactly oracleapps hr pay roll?what qualities one
should have to get into this career.

what is exactly oracleapps hr pay roll?what qualities one should have to get into this career...

Answer / mohammed

Payroll refers to the amount paid to employees for services they provided during a certain period of time.

we define payroll as a group of employees who share a common payment date and frequency of payroll processing. Payroll contains information about payment methods and consolidation sets. The application uses elements to represent all types of earnings, deductions and benefits. Earnings in your salary may be basic, conveyance and medical allowances, taxable flexible or fringe benefits. Deductions can be voluntary, involuntary or pre-tax. Element classification also includes direct payment, court orders and balance initialization.

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Hi, I am Samrat Saha. I did BCA & MBA ( major HR & minor System). i m 2009 passout. i also did Oracle Apps Core HRMS & SCM( O2C Transaction & setup, OM setup, Po Setup, INV Setup) certification... I Had 9 month experience on HR domain.. now i want to switch in Oracle Apps, as Functionalist.. i need help to get a job.. my email:

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I am learning Oracle 11i HRMS. I need help from the person who have already done Oracle HRMS. If there is any person, please, please, please give me ur email address, so that i can ask the question regarding Oracle HRMS. I will be very greatful to u.

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