what is working capital

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what is working capital ..

Answer / deepak n

It is a capital which is used in business for day-to-day
trading operation. It is calculated as

Working capital= Current asset -current liability.

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what is working capital ..

Answer / raghavendra mishra

working capital is the nerve center of business, just like
for human body is required blood just like that working
capital required to the business.

thus we can say that working capital is required for day to
day operation for business.
Access of current assets over current liability is
called working capital.


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what is working capital ..

Answer / t.tulasi bhavani

working capital is a capital.it records day-to-day
operations of the business.

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what is working capital ..

Answer / vinay kumar

WC is the the capital that is used for day to day purpose.

WC = Current assets - Current liabilities.

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what is working capital ..

Answer / uttam kumar

Simply working capital is nothing but a day to day requirement of cash.

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