int a=300,b,c;

#include<stdio.h> main() { int a=300,b,c; if(a>=400) b=300; c=200; printf("\n..

Answer / nikita mishra

b= some garbage value

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could u tell me how to used deform stell bar in reinforce concret?i wanna know the general using in the site!

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1 Answers  

how can i calculate cement in brickwork

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Kindly tell me a book name to study for BIS exam

1 Answers   BIS, NAB,

CORRECTION Kindly furnish the relation between 7 days strength & 28 days compressive strength of Cement Concrete cubes. Can you clarify whether the relation gets altered due to various WATER-CEMENT ratios and type of cements?

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what would be the design load of R.C.C Cooling tower per cell.?

0 Answers   CPMT,

what is the difference between replacement of cement by groundnut shell ash

0 Answers   Harit Dharaa,

what should be the PCC ratio to construct a plinth of (40x40x4)ft...??also its estimated cost??

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what is the formula to find the diagonal shape stirrups?

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What is logic behind the use of Steel bar insted of gold bar?

10 Answers   Rites,

How to findout safe bearing capacity after stabilization of soil by method of the confinde method.

3 Answers  

if L*B*H = 20 then direct no of bricks =20 *500

2 Answers   L&T,

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