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Is there a biochemical test for maltose?

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Is there a biochemical test for maltose? ..

Answer / indira

maltose is a reducing dissacaride and barfoeds test can
give postive test even for the dissacaride on prolong
heating of disaaacaride .the disaccharide breaks into
monosaccharide and gives posiive test

so barfoed's, benedicts is positive for maltose .
we can conforim it by osazone test
broken sunflower petal like crystals are formed for maltose
which is charactreistic.

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Is there a biochemical test for maltose? ..

Answer / gurudut

Barfoed's test which reacts with mono- but not di-
saccharides as well as Benedicts test for reducing sugars
which gives a positive test with maltose.

A negative Barfoed's and a positive Benedict's would narrow
the list of possible sugars.

Selivanoff's test may also be useful.

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