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Tell us about yourself.

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Tell us about yourself. ..

Answer / hashim bin ali

hi, i did my graduation in the year 96 with second division
from osmania university,then took up c.a.course and had
been working under the supervision of chartered accountant
for four great years,and did the audit of dena bank,
charminar bank and some air and shipping cargos.
In the year 2002, i joined a company
called .a.h.electricials as an junior accoutant and worked
for them till 2006.
i got good offer from united insulation and joined
them as an account officer,and was send to delhi by giving
me promotion within the span of three months time from deputy commercial manager,where i used to handle
inventory of three branches as well as branch accounts

Presently i m working with a tax consultant at ameer
pet area.

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Tell us about yourself. ..

Answer / arun karthick

Hi,My name is Arun Karthick .I'm from Tanjore.I did my
Engineering Gradutation at Sastra University.I have
Completed my Schooling from Bishop Heber Trichy.
I am a Quick learner,Hardworker,fun loving Person and ease
to move with friends.
My hobies are playing cricket,CyberGames,hang out with
I'm an active participant of NSS and Organised Blood Camps
in College.
Organised various Cultural and Tech Fest in College.
Participated various Gaming Events and Won Many Prices

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Tell us about yourself. ..

Answer / k.sulthana

hi iam sulthana.iam from chennai.i completed my B.E in
wel i did my schooling in OUR LADY'S MATRICULATION HR SEC
SCHOOL and i secured 76% in 12tgh and 78% in 10th.
wel coming to my family .my father is a buissness man and
my mother is a house wife.and i had two elder sister and
one younger brother.
wel my strength are quick learner,honesty,punctuality.

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Tell us about yourself. ..

Answer / bala(trust me)

Well, I am Bala..I am 22..I was successfuly completed my
B.Sc(Fashion Design)..I would like to do my higher studies
in abroad..My native Place is Tanjore..However,currently
staying in Chennai for my studies..

My father is a agriculture and Mother is a housewife..I
have three Sblings..All are elder to me..Then my hobbies
are listing music,football,chating with friends,bcoz i love
friendship..I am very dynamic and dogmatic person..

I don't like the people,who are all very lazy and
sadastic..Next, my ambition is,i would like to become a
GOOD Business man..
This is my mail-id( comments,pls pass
through to this ID....

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Tell us about yourself. ..

Answer / sanjeev vidua

Hello sir ,
I am sanjeev vidua. I have done bachelor of
computer application from satna.I did my schooling from
tikamgarh. so far as the question of my family background
is concerned my father name is shree komal prasad vidua and
he is teacher.My mother name is smt.Sharda devi vidua and
she is house wife.I have three brothers and two sisters.
my hobbies are playing chess and horse riding.
and my strength is my positive attitude whatever i do.
my weakness is,I easily rely on others.
my objective is to become software engineer.

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Tell us about yourself. ..

Answer / jagadish

Hi, I am L.Jagadish, 3rd year computer science engineering
student from Tagore engineering college, I finished my
schooling in the medium of Tamil, in my class I had
represented as leader to maintain discipline among students
and I had participated in speech competitions, science
exhibitions conducted for schools. And in sports I am a
zonal player in volley ball, played for south madras. My
hobbies are cooking and making verity of food recipes,
embroidering. And also like others use to read books and
watch TV. My ambition in life is to be a good attitude
person and my ambition in profession is updated my software
knowledge regularly.

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Tell us about yourself. ..

Answer / ishita

Hi,this is ishita,doing bca 4th sem.i would like to
introduse my self in truly tht i like to face challenges
nd my achived goal is also caz of my this type of
attitude.m lil sensitive.would like to listen soft
aim is to bcome software n badly my weak point
is tht i never let go person who cheats nd who is lier.
Thanks for have interest to knw myself

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Tell us about yourself. ..

Answer / saranya

Hai My name is saranya. iam doing my BBA Final year in
correspondence at Madras university. Now iam working as an
Admin. iam having experience in front office and admin. My
Hobbies are Listening songs, traveling with my friends and
family and chatting with my friends. My strength is Honest
and Punctuality.

My father working as a conductor, my mom is housewife, My
brother is studying 11th and My sister is studying 7th std.

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Tell us about yourself. ..

Answer / rajesh prajapati

I am Rajesh. I have completed Currently I m doing
pgdfm from Mumbai & about my work experience I have two 2
years work experience in filed of accountant. About my jobs
currently I m working on tally software. Posting in entry in
tally, making sales bill & purchase, also follow up payment
of debtor & creditor. My strength is honesty, punctuality.

My hobbies reading books.

That's all about me!

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Tell us about yourself. ..

Answer / srivathsan

Hi this is Srivathsan from Chennai.i have done my BCA
graduate in Vels College Madras university at chennai. i
finished my high school from St.Mark's matric.about my
family,i'm the eldest person in my sister
studying engineering coll. my father working as an AM and
my mom is home maker. my hobbies are i have broadband
connection in my home download software
applications,movies,music and chat with friends.after that
i was offered in one of the most retail shop
designation was Marketing Executive.i have 10 months
experience in that field.during that period i performed
well as well as i like to set myself goals and keep them
and i'm persistent that's all sir/madam thank you

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