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What is the STL?

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what is a template?

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what is an algorithm in terms of STL?

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How the STL's are implemented, What the difference between templates and STL?


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What is the disadvantage of templates ?

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What is Template Specialization?


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In what cases using of a 'template' is a better approach then using of a 'base class'?

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if 4-5 year old brother is standing on d roof with me and watching d moon, suddenly moon coverd by cloud then how will i explain d hiding of moon to my brother.


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write a piece of c++ code which allocate memory to the 50 object of type CObj

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Assume I have a linked list contains all of the alphabets from "A" to "Z?" I want to find the letter "Q" in the list, how does you perform the search to find the "Q?"

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Find the error in the following program struct point {struct point *next; int data; } x; main() {; } x; main() {int i; for(x=p;x!=0;) x=x->next,x++; freelist(x); } freelist(x) {free(x); return }

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Which data structure gives efficient search? A. B-tree B. binary tree C. array D. linked list

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Give the output of the following program main() {char *p='a'; int *i=100/*p; } what will be the value of *i= 1

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Give the output of the following program main() {int ret; ret=fork();ret=fork();ret=fork();ret=fork(); if(!ret) printf("sun"); else printf("solaris");

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c# support late binding or early binding.

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How do you convert stl to steps?


Q1. A. What is unary operator? List out the different operators involved in the unary operator. B. What is an adjust field format flag? Q2. A. Distinguish between a # include and #define. B. Can a list of string be stored within a two dimensional array? Q3. A.Explain how a pointer to function can be declared in C++? B.List the merits and demerits of declaring a nested class in C++? Q4. A. What are the syntactic rules to be avoid ambiguity in multiple inheritence? B. Explain the operation of overloading of an assignment operator. Q5. A. Explain how the virtual base class is different from the conventional base classes of the opps. B. Explain how an exception handler is defined and invoked in a Program. Q6. A. What is a binary file? List the merits and demerits of the binary file usagein C++. B. Write short notes on Text Manipulation Routines. C. Write bites in Turbo c++ Header (“Include”) Files.


What is stl language?


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What is stl in c++ with example?


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If P is the population on the first day of the year, B is the birth rate, and D is the death rate, the estimated population at the end of the year is given by the formula: The population growth rate is given by the formula: B – D Write a program that prompts the user to enter the starting population, birth and death rates, and n, the number of years. The program should then calculate and print the estimated population after n years. Your program must have at least the following functions: 1. growthRate: This function takes its parameters the birth and death rates, and it returns the population growth rate. 2. estimatedPopulation: This function takes its parameters the current population, population growth rate, and n, the number of years. It returns the estimated population after n years Your program should not accept a negative birth rate, negative death rate, or a population less than 2. please answer my question ....


In what scenario does the Logical file and Physical file being used?


Is stl part of c++ standard?


Write a C/C++ program that connects to a MySQL server and checks if the InnoDB plug-in is installed on it. If so, your program should print the total number of disk writes by MySQL.


What is meant by stl in c++?


Who wrote stl?


What is a list in c++ stl?