write a test case for student admission form

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write a test case for student admission form ..

Answer / ichita

1.It should contain all the important columns such as first name, last name, date of birth, caste, address, contact number, etc.
2.It should not accept the form if any of above column is blank, it should highlight the blank columns.
3.it should not accept a form from a student if the birth date is invalid. For eg. if a student is applying for diploma then his age should not be <15 yrs.
4.The student must attach his/her valid i.e.current photo to the form.
5.The student must attach all necessary legal documents to the form such as, caste certificate, results, etc.

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write a test case for student admission form ..

Answer / mudaseer

it contains columns like

student name address branch semester fees paid fees remaining

like this there may be many more columns and all the columns
are compulsory and when i enter fees it should only allow
numbers and not alphabets and while entering the data if i
miss any column it should display pop up like the required column cant be empty

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